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Fences can get damaged out of nowhere; from weather, accidents and even heat. Need a repair? We've got you covered.

Put all Your Fencing Options on the Table

No matter the damage, material or timing your local fence repair expert has you covered.

Post repair

This repair is needed if the post has completely rotted out or is about to break. The entire post is removed, a replacement is cemented in, and the fence secured back to the post.

Gate repair

A gate repair can include many items: hinges, latch, handle, gate brace, and even a new post for the gate to swing off of.

Gate replacement

This is necessary if the gate is completely rotted out or beyond repair; includes an entirely new gate to new post on either side as well as new hardware.

Gate hardware refresh

This includes replacement heavy duty hinges, a new latch, and a new handle on your gate.

Fence refresh

Includes ensuring each picket is completely secure, posts are solid and level, as well as 2x4x8 replacement rails as needed.

Fence replacement

In some cases where certain sections are entirely removed; replacement might be the best option.

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